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Dreams of being a firefighter? Well, you're in luck!

The City of Huntsville's Fire & Rescue team is actively looking for new candidates - find out how you can apply!

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — Accidents and emergencies happen: and sometimes, someone has to come to the rescue.

That's what Huntsville Fire & Rescue does!

Alongside fighting fires, they also prepare for rescue and emergency situations on the water.

"Hopefully, like with everything that we do, hopefully, we never have to respond to anything but we always want to be prepared to - for whatever it may be," said Huntsville Fire & Rescue's Special Operations Officer, Calvin Hadden.

Today, August 10, the team was busy brushing up on their skills and showing candidates how it's done.

Fortunately - the team is actively searching for more candidates and there looking for...

"Goal-driven people: guys and girls, that are willing to take a step forward to make a difference in a community, that has a lot integrity, courage," said Huntsville Fire & Rescue's Fire Driver Engineer and Recruiter, Corey Green.

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Green was not always sure this is what he wanted to do but he applied as a candidate anyway and quickly realized that this is exactly what he wanted to do - and for a good reason.

"I realized when I made a difference in the community, I realized the faces that I've changed, I realized making an unstable situation stable, that really stuck out to me and it made me feel good that I was actually fulfilling that purpose," said Green.

One candidate already has some firefighter boots to fill.

"My dad's been a Huntsville firefighter for 20 plus years, and I think it'd be awesome to follow in his footsteps," said Huntsville Fire & Rescue Candidate, Alex Mitchell.

And beyond making his dad proud, being a firefighter would mean the world to him because he gets to serve the community.

"Because in everyday life you're going to need fire services, somebody is going to fall, somebody is going to need us one day in the future. And so for me to be able to say that, you know, 'hey I went and helped this person on a day, means the absolute world to me,'" said Mitchell.

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So, if you do have dreams of becoming a firefighter, there are a few ways you can get into contact with the Huntsville Fire & Rescue team:

For starters, you can find more information about the recruitment process here!

You can also find information on the team's Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

AND they are tentatively planning another meet and greet at Fire Station #1 on 2110 Clinton Ave. on Friday, Aug. 20 from 5-7 p.m.