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Huntsville Fire Marshall gives need-to-know fire and pool safety tips

Pool sales are up and more people are cooking at home during the pandemic. We have some fire safety tips you might need to know.

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — Summer is coming to a close, and more people are cooking at home during the pandemic. We have some fire safety tips you might need to know. 

Huntsville Fire Department says cooking fires are the number one cause of fires they see. 


They remind you to never spray lighter fluid onto open fires, overheat grease before cooking, or try to put out a grease fire with water. In order to put out a grease fire (if you can) turn off the source of the heat-- if not, set a baking sheet on top of the flames and smother the fire. 

Huntsville Fire Marshal, Dan Wilkerson, says to remember to keep your grills at least 10-feet from your house. He adds, “We see a lot of people who have grills up under awnings or carports.You really want to pull those out to use them… any kind of lighter fluid or flammable liquids or chemicals that are being used-- you want to make sure those are out of reach of the children.” 

Pool sales have skyrocketed during the pandemic, and it's important for families to stay safe as the summer winds down. 

The Fire Marshal reminds you to keep an eye on your pools when kids and pets are around-- drowning is always a risk this time of year. Parents, always drain your inflatable pools when they're not being used to avoid children wandering into the pool. 

More helpful fire safety tips:

  • The city of Huntsville has a 'no burn' policy year round. The only exceptions are cooking fires. 
  • Cooking fires are number one cause of fires nation-wide. 
  • Always keep your grills 10 feet away from your home or any other structure, and away from any foot traffic. 
  • Never spray lighter fluid on a fire that's already been ignited. The vapors when exposed to the heat could actually cause the lighter fluid can to explode in your hand. 
  • Keep lighter fluids and other flammable liquids away from children. 
  • "Keep and eye on what you fry" -- always watch your grease to ensure it doesn't overheat and catch fire when preparing to cook any meals. 
  • Try not to pre-heat your grease. Prepare the food first! To avoid any fires/ grease burns. 
  • Always call the fire department! Even if you think you have the fire under control.  
  • You cannot legally burn debris, trash, etc. within city limits without a permit. 
  • During the summer months, Alabama mandates there's no burning done within Madison County to preserve the air quality. Local construction companies that might normally burn off wood, etc. with approval are not permitted to burn during this time.

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