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Expected COVID-19 changes for the summer, city budget impact: Madison County Update

Madison County leaders gave us a glimpse at changes we can expect to see into summer including more potential financial impacts.


Dr. Pam Hudson, CEO of Crestwood Medical Center, starts of Thursday's daily COVID-19 news conference by saying, “Good news today, our hospital in-patient load of suspected and positive COVID patients remains flat and has been for the last week.”

Health officials have reported some of the numbers in Madison County are starting to level off for now. That has locals wondering how long we could be dealing with COVID-19 changes.

Dr. Hudson says, health workers could see the effects of COVID-19 all the way into summer. She says, “Normal is probably going to look like continued social distancing in some form or fashion as we will reinvent how we work together in our businesses. Hand washing-- hand sanitizer will be the new desktop accessory in any meetings we choose to have. Masks, I think we will continue with that, certainly in the healthcare arena.”

And testing will continue. Dr, Hudson says, “Continue to identify cases and separate them,quarantine them so the virus can’t get a foothold in vulnerable communities.”

Dr. Hudson says research, vaccines and treatments are likely on the horizon. She adds, “But, those aren’t coming tomorrow. But that will probably be on the landscape for the summer.”

And that’s even more of a reason to keep up with social distancing and stay the course. 

Dr. Hudson says, “I would say this is like halftime, in the big game and the score is tied.”

One very important player on the team says Madison county could see some major financial losses if the virus continues for an extended period.

John Hamilton, City Administrator for the City of Huntsville, says, “Our finance officer is working on some models, we do expect to be down several million dollars.” 

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