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Drake State encourages 'Census 2020 Challenge'

Drake State leaders say they achieved 100 percent participation among its full-time employees including faculty.

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — Drake State Community & Technical College is challenging all members of organizations in Madison County to complete the U.S. Census.

Leaders at the school say all 70 of their full-time employees and faculty members completed it. Their next step is to have 100% participation from students too.

Nearly 58% of Alabamians have participated in the Census. Drake state leaders say they were able to reach out through an e-mail campaign.

"We encourage that if another organization, if they've got five employees or 500 employees, if they can do the same - they'll send us an email that says that they've done it, we'll try to recognize them some way. We want to make sure the challenge is all in good fun, but we also want to make sure it gets completed as well," says Drake State Workforce Development Director, Bob Grissim.

The U.S. Census can be completed online, by, phone or by mail. You have until October 31st.

To complete, click here.

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