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K-9 pet training could add an extra layer of protection

A local pet boarding business invited a protection training company to come and show off what a dog, who has been trained to protect their owner, can really do.

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — In today's world, a little extra protection doesn't hurt anybody, and this kind of protection comes in the form of man's best friend... Dogs!

K-9 Bath Body & Boarding invited World of Dogs trainers to come and show dog owners how their dogs can protect them from danger, with the right training of course. 

"Dogs senses are heightened compared to ours, so, sense of smell, sense of hearing, they can also smell pheromones that we can't smell, that humans naturally release when we're up to no good. Okay, so, with the environment that we're living in right now, it's kinda hard, it's not a clear-cut bad guy, good guy situation, you don't know when somebody is up to no good and dogs can help you make that discernment," said Palmer Wilkes, Head Trainer and Founder of World of Dogs, LLC. 

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The video below shows Wilkes with his dog, Archie. Archie is pup, almost one-year-old and is halfway through his protection training. He is also a very sweet dog, until he doesn't need to be. 

Wilkes does not recommend training a dog in this way without professional help, but there will be more opportunities to seek training like this out.

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Owner of the boarding business, Tim Edwards said that he plans to host more events like this in the future. Dates for these events will be held will be posted to the K-9 Bath Body & Boarding Facebook page

You can also reach out to World of Dogs directly and set up training sessions for you and your dog. 

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