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Do metal roofs handle severe weather better than traditional shingles? Local roofing company explains

Advanced Roofing & Construction, LLC shares how metal roofing tends to handle severe weather.

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — Alabama gets its fair share of severe weather, and it can greatly impact people's roofs and overall homes.

From recent storm damage photos, it raised questions from viewers if 'metal roofing helps prevent against destruction better than others?'

According to Advanced Roofing & Construction, LLC there is a lot to it and can depend on how metal roofs are installed and the type of materials used.

Brandon Foote, the President of Advanced Roofing & Construction, LLC, says that when severe weather hits Huntsville, they "...get [storm damage roof repair] calls from anything between a tree limb being on a roof, half a slope thrown off, a couple of shingles missing, water leaking into their home, homeowners just kind of being frantic."

The most recent damaging weather in North Alabama brought up a question from a viewer after they saw this photo of a tree that fell on a metal roof:

Credit: WZDX
A storm caused a tree to fall on top of this Scottsboro home.

Do metal roofs protect homes better than traditional asphalt shingles?

The answer is 'usually,' it just depends on the material and how it's been installed.

"Metal generally does handle storm damage better than a shingle roof does. It's thicker gauge metal that screws down in more places…it usually withstands hail better, wind better…and just generally lasts longer. It doesn't decompose as much. It's renewable, recyclable," Foote said.

And as this type of roofing can have a lifespan of 60 years or more, less need for repairs and they can hold up against strong winds up to 140mph, Foote says one of the biggest downsides of metal roofing is the cost.

"Some roofs take three times longer to put on or take more specialty labor, some metal roofs, what you got to think about compared to a shingle roof, is cost to repair down the line. Not as many people do it. Not as many people have the expertise to repair it," Foote said.

The type of damage metal roofs can get is more long-term, "when you get dings and divots inside of a metal roof, you can damage the finish. You can create a ponding area where water can hold and not run off as fast."

And if it's not properly installed, it likely won't give you anymore wind protection than a regular shingle.

"So just being educated is the best thing to do. That way you can make the right decision," Foote said.

He also says many homeowner associations tend to shy away from metal roofs because of their industrial look, although stone coated metal shingles are starting to get approved by some HOAs.

Foote and his team encourage homeowners looking into roofing, to find a company that will educate you on the process, and assess your individual situation in order to put you in the best direction.

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