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Decatur recycling resumes June 16

The schedule and what items can be recycled remain the same as they were before service was put on hold.

DECATUR, Ala. — Recycling is back in Decatur!

The city says it will resume its municipal recycling program on Tuesday, June 16, starting with the "red routes" (odd numbered weeks). The full recycling calendar and map can be seen here.

Collection Guidelines

- Please place your recycling carts on the street. Please remember, recycling carts should not be placed in alleyways.  

- Due to the delay in collection, the city understands that many residents will have more recyclables than the cart will hold. Please be patient with collection crews. If at all possible, do not bag recyclables. This will make it easier for the facility to sort.     

- If you do not set out your recycling cart on your regular collection day, there will not be a make-up day. Collection crews will return to your address in two weeks. 

What to Recycle  

Recyclables include: paper, newspaper, magazines, junk mail, cardboard, #1 plastics (water bottles and peanut butter jars), #2 plastics (milk jugs and detergent bottles), and tin or aluminum cans.  

What Not to Recycle 

Plastic bags, glass, Styrofoam, hoses, holiday lights, metal (other than cans), plastic toys, mops, or brooms.  

No household garbage should be placed in your recycling can.  

In observance of the July 4, 2020 holiday, routes scheduled for pick-up on Friday, July 3 will be collected on Monday, July 6. 

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