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Decatur Police officers honored for 'Acts of Heroism' in line of duty

Thursday, officers from the Decatur Police Department were honored in a ceremony for their actions in the line of duty.
Credit: WZDX
Six Decatur Police Department officers were recognized for “Acts of Heroism”. State Senator Arthur Orr presented resolutions during the ceremony.

HUNTSVILLE, Ala — Thursday, officers from the Decatur Police Department were honored for their actions in the line of duty. 

Six Decatur Police Department officers were recognized for “Acts of Heroism”. State Senator Arthur Orr presented resolutions during the ceremony.

Officers were acknowledged for efforts ranging from assisting shooting victims to preventing the suicide of an escaped inmate. 

We spoke with Officer Jonathan Espino, a Patrol Officer with the Decatur Police Department, who administered CPR and saved a woman’s life. 

Officer Espino tells our reporter, "“A year ago, I responded to a medical call where a lady was having a heart attack…. I arrived on the scene her son was performing CPR, he was not successful, I took over and I actually restarted her heart back-- EMS arrived just after her heart restarted.”

Espino adds, “I’m honored to be recognized, but it’s a team job. So, I really can’t explain the feeling. But, I’m just glad I’m a part of it and can show there’s still good out there-- and that’s what we do.”

Decatur Police Department provided us with this information regarding the circumstances surrounding the award given to each officer. 

Officers Darius Carr and Walter Segars:

On June 28th of this year Decatur Police officers were called to assist the state police in the apprehension of an escaped prisoner near Decatur General Hospital. Several officers responded to help in the search to include Ofc. Darius Carr and Ofc. Walter Segars.

Decatur officers observed the escapee on foot near the hospital. While searching the area Officer Carr noticed that an area on the air conditioning duct work that led up to the roof that looked to be disturbed. Officer Carr was able to scale a six foot brick wall that led to the roof area of the hospital. Ofc. Segars followed.

Once on the roof, Ofc. Carr observed the suspect near the ledge. The suspect yelled that he was going to jump. Officer Carr ran over and grabbed the man’s arm as he jumped off the roof, catching him and preventing him from falling more than 30’ to the ground below. Officer Carr was able to hold on to the man until Ofc. Segars was able to run over and grab the man and the two officers were able to pull him back onto the roof to safety.

Had Ofc. Carr not caught the man he would have fallen to a rocky area below and would have likely sustained serious physical injury or death.

The quick actions of Officers Carr and Segars to capture a suicidal escapee showed great courage and selflessness. Their ability to scale the brick wall, run to the suspect and then grab him as he fell and pull him back to safety showed great physical conditioning. Because of their quick actions the suspect was taken back into state police custody without injury.

Officer Jonathan Espino:

On May 20th of this year Ofc. Jonathan Espino was dispatched to a medical call in Southwest Decatur. A woman was believed to be suffering a heart attack. Ofc. Espino quickly arrived and observed a man attempting CPR on his mother. The man was struggling to perform CPR and when Ofc. Espino arrived the man immediately stepped back from his mother to allow Ofc. Espino to assist her. Relying on his training, Ofc. Espino immediately checked her vitals and initiated CPR. Just before medical personnel arrived Ofc. Espino was able to restart her heart beat and she began to gasp for air. The woman is alive today only because of Ofc. Espino’s efforts.

Officers Jacob Bentley, Jonathan Espino and Detective Todd McRae:

On May 24th of this year Morgan County experienced a tragic triple homicide that occurred in the police jurisdiction of Decatur. Responding officers were told by the dispatcher that several people had been shot and the shooter was believed to still be in the area.

Officers Jacob Bentley, Jonathan Espino and Todd McRae quickly arrived and ran toward the residence to attempt to aid the victim, not knowing if they might encounter the shooter.

The officers heard a victim inside the residence yelling for help but the residence was secured. Without hesitation the officers the officers split up to locate an entry point into the residence. One officer forced open a door and another climbed in through a window. Once inside the officers found two people who were deceased and a third victim clinging to life. The officers rendered aid and secured the residence.

It takes a special kind of courage to run toward danger. These officers demonstrated what officers do every day, they disregard their own safety and put their own lives on the line to help others. These officers did not hesitate in the face of danger and they are to be commended.

Detective Sean Mukaddam:

Detective Sean Mukaddam was on his way home on November 3, 2020 when he saw a traffic accident on Hughes Road in Madison, Alabama. Mukaddam stopped to check on the occupants and found the driver unresponsive, not breathing and with no pulse. He pulled the driver out of the vehicle and administered CPR. After several minutes of doing compressions, Mukaddam was assisted by an off-duty nurse and a bystander.

Once first responders arrived, the driver was taken to the hospital.

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