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Decatur City Councilman admits to 2018 Facebook post, wants to 'move forward'

District 4 Councilman Hunter Pepper spoke to the media after a 2018 Facebook post in which he joked about running over Black protestors surfaced.
Credit: WZDX

DECATUR, Ala. — Decatur City Councilman Hunter Pepper (District 4) spoke to the media after an Alabama political website posted a 2018 Facebook post attributed to Pepper that joked about running over Black protestors.

Pepper, a 2020 graduate of Jewels Christian Academy, as elected to serve on Decatur's City Council in August 2020.

Pepper said of the Facebook post that he was 16 when he wrote it and that everyone makes mistakes when they are 16, and this one came back to bite him. He said he had been told that things in his past could come up when he was preparing to run for office.

WATCH: Hunter Pepper news conference (poor audio quality)

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He says in his Facebook Live post that, "I made a mistake when I was young and I’m trying to work through that."

He also expressed his desire to serve all of his constituents in Decatur and move on from this post, saying that he's, "100% more mature" than he was two years ago.

The post in question references protests happening in Hoover, AL after police shot and killed E.J. Bradford at Hoover's Riverchase Galleria. In it, he links to an article about protestors and says, "See I have to go shopping there next week and we gone play a game called red rover red rover you fools gone get ran over." The image on the article was of three young black men.

Pepper said he is extremely disappointed with himself at that moment in time and wants to work through this and move forward. When asked, he said at that time that he did not realize cars were being used for violence against protestors.

When asked what advice he would give to 16-year-olds, or even younger people, about posting online, he said, "Think about the future before you send [make] a post...think about how it could come back to you in many different ways. If you want to make a post, write down, type out what you want to say, and think about it."

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