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Nice tea meet you: Lanier House is Madison's new tea room

Lanier House Tea Room is new to downtown Madison and they're already brewing quite the crowd.

MADISON, Ala. — It's a 'par-tea' in downtown Madison! A new tea room has moved into the neighborhood.

Inside the Lanier House Tea Room, there's opportunity to learn, be creative, and to take a seat and have tea with your friends and family.

Tammy Hall owner of both Lanier House Tea Room and Main Street Café, shares, "I didn't want to open it and it feel like we had just opened… I wanted it to feel like we'd been open forever."

Hall and her team opened this tea room to the public just two months ago,"this whole thing began last summer...There was a home that went up for sale down the street from Main Street."

Call it serendipi-tea: Hall has always wanted to own her own tea house and have it close to her other restaurant, Main Street Café. 

So when things started to fall into place, "I thought, well, this is it...If it was meant to be, it's meant to be."

And with support from her family and employees, this place proves endless 'possibili-teas!'

"I have these really great creative people working for me. And so that makes everything so much easier," Hall said.

Megan Shaver, the head chef at Lanier House Tea Room, says, "I create a menu, a new menu every month. And what I do as the head chef, I try to gear it towards either the season or whatever holidays in that month. So this month was St. Patrick's Day, so I looked up Irish traditional dishes and made it into appetizers."

Shaver is also a culinary student, "I've always had the passion to cook, but it took working for Tammy to understand that this is what I want to do....she just gave me the chance and I just ran with it."

When you make reservations at the Lanier House, they want you to not only enjoy the different Fine China, teas and foods but to make memories.

"I think that's the most important is to have good memories, to enjoy life," Shaver said.

"We want them to have an hour and a half of time out. Don't think about anything, enjoy spending the visit," Hall said.

They've got many ideas in the works, from hosting private events, special classes, and new menus and they're so excited for what's next.

"The community is just amazing… I felt like this was going to be a very good concept when I was, you know, in the process of doing it. But I had no idea how much people wanted it," Hall said.

Check out the Lanier House...it may be your 'cup of tea!'

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