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COVID-19 cases steadily increasing in Morgan County

As of Monday, 19 patients are in the Decatur Morgan Hospital with COVID-19. Two are on a ventilator.

MORGAN COUNTY, Alabama — COVID-19 cases continue to steadily increase in Morgan County.

County leaders are encouraging people to avoid coming into the courthouse. They're asking that if people can to buy tags and business licenses online. The good news is fees for buying online are being waived.

The Decatur Morgan Hospital is seeing a consistent number of patients with the virus.

As of Monday, there are 19 patients in the hospital with COVID-19. Four of them are in the ICU. Two are on a ventilator.

Decatur Morgan Hospital President, Kelli Powers, said, "The amount of patients on the ventilator is coming down. We've had a lot more than that over time, but our total number still remains consistent. We were down to 16 on Friday, but again, back up to 19 by today."

Hospital officials are reminding people that their emergency rooms are open. They say they are taking precautions to ensure it is safe for people to seek care.

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