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Congressman Dale Strong is back in Huntsville to give us a look into his first two weeks in office.

His first two weeks started with disagreement but ended with selections to his top choices for committee assignments.

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — Congressman Dale Strong is back home in his new office to give us a glimpse into how his first two weeks on the hill went. "To say it has been an interesting two weeks is an understatement," Strong shares. " But I believe that what we're doing, number one, people know where north Alabama is. They know what we do for America. They know what we do for national security, and I think that this has helped us in this process. 

In those first two weeks, congress had a hard time selecting a speaker of house. Kevin McCarthy is now officially speaker of the House. The California Republican edged out a victory after a historic 15 rounds of voting and a dramatic series of events on the House floor, which Strong said made America stronger.

"You think about it, taking 15 votes on the speaker of the house, that process, I believe, made America stronger," Strong shares. "You look at what has transpired since then, we have adopted the most conservative rules package probably in the history of the United States house of representatives."

Strong also got his top two committee assignments. On Tuesday, it was announced that he has been nominated to the Committee on Homeland Security by the Republican Steering Committee, coming behind the announcement from Monday when Strong announced his nomination to the Armed Services Committee. 

"Well, if you look at house armed services, it's currently a $800 billion committee," Strong shares. "You look at what we do here at Research Park, you look at what's going on at Redstone Arsenal, we play a large role in national security. So, I think that right there is a committee that is crucial to our area."

"You look at homeland security, no matter where I went throughout this campaign in North Alabama, people are concerned about the southern border," Strong shares. "Whether it's 8 million, 10 million illegal aliens that have come into our country, we're being invaded. This is the committee that I think can have a little input to that."

He also spoke on the recent gun violence here in the city. Over the past two weeks, children under the age of 17 have been at the center of gun related cases, including a mass shooting.

 "I'm more concerned about two parents in the household looking out for those children," Strong shares. "I think that's one of the biggest things that we see but any time a child has access to a gun, that right there, as Julie Christie Finley said, this is about parents and we, the city school system, need your help. It doesn't matter what school system you're in. If children have access to weapons, it's going to lead to something of that nature."

Congressman Strong is also said to be listed on the committee for the United States House Committee on Science, Space, and Technology, which should be announced in the coming days.

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