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Community partnerships help Alabama A&M grow

As Alabama A&M prepares to welcome a new president, the school is working to strengthen its community partnerships.

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — Alabama A&M University is gearing up to install its new president, Dr. Daniel Wims. Under his new leadership, they hope to further strengthen the school's relationship with the city of Huntsville. 

Yvette Clayton, AAMU Director of Career Development Services, says, "We want [the] Huntsville community, the business and government communities, to know, one, we have, you know, majors that they're looking for. We have students that can help to meet their needs. And we have the capacity to even go beyond that with terms of research and contract projects."

The city of Huntsville has a big STEM presence, and Clayton, says they have programs tailored to those industries. "If you think about the Redstone Arsenal and all of the logistics, that they're really about, we want them to know that we have logistics in undergrad and within our MBA program and in the systems and materiel program, in our College of Engineering."

Clayton says the university is looking to improve its partnerships. "I think that there's always an opportunity to improve, and I think that President Wims is really doubling up efforts to strengthen those partnerships and to make sure again, they are aware of that some people don't even know we're here, you know, and so just to make sure that people see this beautiful campus on the hill.

"We have a lot of projects and I think we have even more than that we would like to embark upon with industry partners that are interested in working with us."


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