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Calhoun Community College and Drake State announce new adult education partnership

Calhoun Community College and Drake State Community & Technical College announced the start of the G.O.A.L program on October 1.

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — Calhoun Community College and Drake State Community & Technical College announced the new G.O.A.L partnership at a press conference on October 1.  

The Greater Opportunities for Adult Learners (GOAL) program will offer GED, English as a second language, and workforce classes. Drake State and Calhoun will combine resources to help hundreds of Alabamians secure solid jobs.      

Drake State President, Dr. Patricia Sims says, "We are blazing trails and so we're hoping this model is duplicated all across the state and even across our nation."  

A former Calhoun student, Laquida Lewis says getting her GED changed her life. 

"I have two more boys at home," Lewis said. "One is in school right now and the other one is in virtual too. But when COVID hit, I would get them set up, and then I would get set up myself and we all would be in class at one time." 

Her son Rashad watched his mom give a speech at the press conference. He says his mom is a great role model. "It inspired me to do better," Rashad said. 

Over 300,000 Alabamians do not have a high school diploma, and community leaders believe that's why this partnership is so important. 

"Two out of every ten individuals may not be able to read or write," Interim President of Calhoun, Dr. Jimmy Hodges said.  "Two out of ten... twenty percent... about twenty percent. It's not quite that high in Madison county but in Limestone and Morgan county it is."

And age? It doesn't matter. 

"You're never too old," North Reginal Director of Adult Education, Dana Wolfe explains. "As a matter of fact, I think one of the oldest graduates that I have seen from the GED program was 74-years-old." 

CCC says the program is accepting applications for anyone interested in obtaining their GED, learning English as a second language, learning basic computer skills training and more.

To learn more or enroll in one of the GOAL programs, visit its website or contact an Adult Education team member at 256-306-2830.

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