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Blue Cross Blue Shield warning of COVID-19 scams

Be alert! Scammers want to take advantage of you during this troubled time.

ALABAMA, USA — Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama is warning the public about coronavirus (COVID-19) scams hitting nationally and in our state. The scammers are using fear to try to turn consumers into victims.

Here are some warning signs BCBS says to watch out for:

  • Door to door solicitation for any testing and prescribing for COVID -19 - tell individual(s) you are not interested, and you will contact your physician. There are no current prescription treatments for COVID-19 and testing must be done by a medical professional.  
  • Phone calls asking for health insurance contract information for free testing and services. If you get one of these calls, hang up immediately. 
  • Outreach from unfamiliar healthcare workers offering to send you a home test kit. There are currently no home test kits available. 
  • False advertisements for vaccinations or medications to treat the disease. Again, there are no vaccines and no medications for COVID-19.  
  • Unexplained or unauthorized laboratory tests or prescriptions appearing on your Blue Cross Explanation of Benefits statement. Check your statement carefully and make sure you recognize all of the charges.
  • Advertisements offering health products that are ineffective against COVID-19 such as herbal teas, supplements, oils or ointments.  
  • Spear phishing emails referencing COVID-19 which contain malware. Remember online safety rules and don't click on links or attachments that aren't from trusted senders or that you weren't expecting.

If you suspect healthcare fraud, please report it to AlabamaBlue.com/fraud or call our fraud hotline at 1-800-824-4391.

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