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Safe cycling tips: How to stay safe while biking

When you go cycling, be as visible as possible and don't assume that someone sees you.

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — After an incident on June 7 in which a bicyclist was hit and killed by a vehicle while crossing the street in Huntsville, it's important to know how to stay safe while cycling.

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The president and co-owner of local bike shop Trailhead, Tommy Reagh, says sharing the road with caution is important.

"I understand that people tend to get upset at slower-moving traffic, but remember, you know, we're family members. We're mothers, we're fathers we're brothers, we're sisters, we're kids," said Reagh. "We have every right to be there. We're not trying to ruin your day, just have a little patience. It's a lot easier to step on the gas and go around than it is for cyclists to speed up to 40 miles an hour."

Reagh says that when you go cycling, be as visible as possible and don't assume that someone sees you.

"Ride predictably. Don't make erratic movements and things like that where you're swinging out into the lane," said Reagh. "And the law is that automobiles are to give you a three foot cushion as they pass."

Madison County Sheriff's Office Spokesperson Brent Patterson says you should understand your surroundings when cycling.

"Make sure that you know the times, the busy times to be on the roadway," said Patterson.

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