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Backyard safety 101

People will spend more time in their backyard this Summer... But accidents can still happen even in the safety of your own home.

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — As we're quickly approaching the month of July - here's something to keep in mind... 

July has the highest number of instances for grilling accidents. 

Some of the basics you can put in place to prevent a grilling disaster include: 

  • No kids at the grill
  • Keep food cold until grilling
  • avoid throwing trash in or near a bonfire
  • and never use accelerants...

Brandon Sively with Decatur Fire and rescue goes into more detail... 

"So, of course not leaving any meat out, of course make sure keep the kids at least three to five feet away from anywhere that you're cooking. And then also make sure you check the internal temperature of the meat once you're done cooking."

He also talks about the importance of ventilation and lighting a grill correctly... 

"You always want to make sure you're in a well ventilated area. Always make sure you follow the manufacturer's guidelines on what to use to light the grill, those sort of things. Of course make sure you're not close to anything that could be potentially flammable."

And speaking of flammability -- here are some things you can do to avoid disaster involving your pool chemicals... like:

  • storing them in a dry, cool space
  • avoid breathing in toxins
  • and check chemical levels to avoid skin rashes...

"There are certain chemicals that we do not store mix together. So, make sure you're checking the label for that and that you're storing them correctly. Never in the garage or the house, anything attached to the house. You know and especially once you make that initial opening of the bucket or the chemicals that you're in a way a well ventilated area, some even require that you're wearing a respirator at the time I protection gloves long sleeves, those kinds of things. So, just make sure you check the manufacturers labels and you know follow those directions specifically they're there for a reason."

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