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Back-to-School: Which backpack is right for your student?

Backpacks loaded with books and electronics can mean backaches. How can you protect your student?

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — "Picking the right backpack, packing it correctly and wearing it correctly." Three very important things to keep in mind when it comes to sending the kids back to school, and Boston University professor Karen Jacobs believes that when you're picking a backpack, there are a lot of things to consider.

She asks adults to consider the child's size, specific features of the backpack, and how it will be used. "If we could look at the back of a child and think of that rectangle of our back,  you know, where our shoulders are to a little bit above. You want to have a padding on that back side of the backpack because that is what's going to go on your back and you want it to be comfortable." It's also important to have adjustable straps, depending on the child's size. Jacobs recommends a two inch thick strap that's padded as well.

And one thing some parents have a tendency to do for younger children is purchase engaging, colorful, or superhero themed backpacks., but those need to fit properly, too. And before your child heads out the door, Jacobs says to do one thing. "Have your child put on their backpack  and you say to them, 'How does it feel?'"

On the bright side, for parents like Maranda McCord, her experience has been much different. "Thankfully, Owens Cross Roads Elementary supplied all the supplies. so all we had to carry in her book bag today was a folder." And as McCord's third grader and pre-schooler grow through the years., she has very high hopes. "As far as the concerns, I'm not really too concerned."

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