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"Back to School" plans announced for students with COVID-19 in mind: Madison County Schools

Heading back to school this year, students will have the choice of enrolling in one of three options. We broke down the plan as explained in Madsion Co. BOE meeting.


Madison County students could be headed back to the classrooms with the introduction of this new plan for schooling during the pandemic. But, it’s not without a few changes.


Madison County Schools Superintendent, Allen Perkins, says,  “We have traditional, we have remote-- we have multiple options. We have the Madison County Virtual school.” 

Heading back to school this year, students will have the choice of enrolling in one of three options. Traditional classes, meaning students will physically go to school every day.

Remote learning… Perkins says, “A virtual option for students in grades K-12 who remain enrolled in their current school.” 

Or students could enroll in Madison County Virtual Academy, which is not affiliated with any base school. 

If COVID cases do continue to increase, students could find themselves learning in a hybrid model. 

Superintendent Perkins says, “... Alternating days-- and this is just one option that we have put together: Group A, Mondays, Thursdays. Group B, Tuesdays and Fridays with Wednesdays for tutoring.” 

Parents can change their students from one form of learning to another. Butonly at the end of each grading period.

Students who do choose to return to school could see some changes. 

Perkins says, “We’re requiring masks for the students coming on the bus.” 

He adds, “P.E. and recess will be a part of the traditional day, it may look a little different.” 

Superintendent Perkins says during his presentation, classrooms will be disinfected daily and a supply of sanitizer and other equipment will be provided in schools. Officials are asking parents to keep a close eye on their kids and look for symptoms-- and never send kids to school sick. 

The county has a plan of 3 levels of action to respond to any spread. 

Level 1: Masks are supplied to students, but are not technically required to be worn in classes-- just on the bus. Each student can select their mode of learning. 

Level 2: If the spread increases, all students and staff will be required to wear masks inside the building and Pre-k to 12th grade will go to a hybrid model of learning. 

Level 3: Schools will be closed and only virtual learning will be implemented. 

Superintendent Perkins says, “One school may have a higher level of spread and we may have to adjust that school based on the level of spread.” 

Parents will receive notice before any school or the county switches levels. 

A detailed copy of this plan should be released Monday July 13th. With that, parents will get a survey to fill out so the county knows about how many students they should expect back in the fall. 

CLICK HERE TO WATCH FULL Madison County Board of Education Special Session 7/9/2020

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