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Atlanta officer's body camera captures intense burning car rescue

APD Officer Adams and Officer Todd rushed to help a man trapped inside his burning car early Sunday morning.

ATLANTA — Several Atlanta officers assisted in an intense rescue after a man's car crashed into two houses and trees early Sunday morning in the Bankhead community. 

Atlanta Police responded to a car fire at the intersection of Oliver Street NW and North Avenue NW shortly after 1:30 a.m. The call quickly escalated, saying that the fire was the result of a car crash and there were people still inside the burning car. 

When Officers W. Adams and M.Todd arrived, they saw flames coming from the front of the car, and the driver of the car was still in his seat. 

Both officers quickly rushed to help and saw the car's door handle was missing and malfunctioning. The officers hastily attempted several more times to open the car door without success and decided the best option would be to pull the man through the driver's side window-- which they quickly shattered. As the officer's bodycam video shows, the man appears to be unresponsive to the officers' efforts to rescue him. 

By using their body weight, the officers were able to get the man to safety after trying to pull him out several times. Atlanta Fire and Rescue arrived shortly after to put out the fire. 

It turns out the car had gone airborne and went through two houses -- one abandoned and another occupied, before hitting a tree and bursting into flames, according to APD.

"The quick thinking, and bravery exhibited by Officer Adams and Officer Todd saved the occupant from a tragic outcome," APD wrote in a Facebook post. "The officers had no idea if that fire would result in an explosion which would put their lives in danger, instead they were focused on saving the driver. "

APD added that they are thankful for Officer Adams' and Officer Todd's bravery and proactive response to a dangerous situation. 

"Their response to this incident exemplifies our highest ideals and training," APD wrote. "This city is safer with these two heroes on patrol."

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