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Athens Mayor Ronnie Marks gives updates on city projects at State of the City Address

Mayor Marks touched on the new Athens Elementary School, roadwork, infrastructure projects and more.

ATHENS, Alabama — Mayor Ronnie Marks spoke at Athens State University Thursday afternoon for the State of the City Address. 

He discussed the status of projects, upcoming budgets and detailed what he wanted to see from the community. 

There are thousands of people living in Athens, and thousands more planning to move there. One of the main topics of conversation is the new 60,000 square foot Athens Elementary School that will alleviate crowding as more families join the community. 

"The community decided that we wanted to go back in that part of the community and build an Athens Elementary School. Everyone has done a great job with that. we're so proud of that. if you've been up in that area.. Madison Street,  North Madison Street, Houston Street area, you'll see a good area," said Marks.

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Mayor Marks also gave updates on road projects through the city. Most of the new roundabouts being installed around town, like the one in front of the new Publix, will be finished before summer time. "This year, about... at the last City Council meeting, we approved 4.6 million dollars of paving, sidewalks and street repairs."

Because of the rapid growth, many parts of Athens are bursting at the seams. the city has nearly 400 employees to keep the town running, and that number is expected to increase along with the city's population. Marks said, "So we have 390 employees with the city of Athens and i say over and over, we're not marketing our product. We have a big business."

Mayor Marks also discussed how much litter he's seen around town. Marks says the town 'is nasty' and encourages the community to pick up trash whenever they see it. He explained how the city cannot outsource litter pickup to inmates anymore, and as the city grows they'll need help keeping it clean.

As Mayor Marks continues to lead Athens in the path to bigger and better things, the community will look a little different as more businesses start to pop up. 

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