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Athens Intermediate Career Day: Exposing students to various professions

Sometimes choosing the right career can be challenging, but Athens Intermediate School is helping their fourth and fifth graders make that decision.

ATHENS, Alabama — Some would probably agree that choosing a career path can be tricky. In addition, some are also still searching for that dream career. However, the good news is that Athens Intermediate School is helping students make that decision a little easier by exposing them to all kinds of possible career paths.  

"Many of these careers these students may have never heard of or never thought of," said counselor Courtney Bell. "We have 17 different professions that have been represented from our community in the around the area."

Bell said this is a day for the kids to start thinking of what they want to do when they grow up. "The students were allowed to choose which people, which professions they would like to listen to and participate with," she said. 

As one speaker engaged with a class he said, "I'm not building rocket engines. I'm building the plant that builds the rocket engines. So really who's cooler?" he added with a grin.   

Gunnar Wilbanks is a fourth grader who said even after Friday's event, he's still deciding what he wants to be when he grows up. But he has a pretty good idea.

"I think I want to be some kind of engineer," he said. 

He also learned what civil engineers do. "They told us there's more than they do than just roads. They design bridges. They have to work with the soil and the habitat," Wilbanks reported.  

Sarah Carter is another fourth grader who said she has designs on becoming an aerospace engineer. "They have this headquarters where if something goes wrong, they speak to the astronauts and stuff," she said. 

Overall, Bell believes this day is very important for the future of their students. Furthermore, she said they can start thinking and doing their own research to get ready for life after high school. 

"I just think it's very important to start planting seeds now," said Bell. 




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