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Art Enthusiasts Encourage Art Awareness in Huntsville

Locals say it’s our city’s art that puts the heart in Huntsville.

Huntsville is known for its STEM fields, and highly-regarded space industry. However, some locals say it’s our city’s art that puts the heart in Huntsville.

“The arts are where our hearts are and so, it’s important to nurture that in a community. It enriches all of us,” said Learning Quest Instructor Debbie West.

West, who was also a former art history instructor, says many people aren’t aware of the art education that’s out there because of the city’s STEM presence.

She says photography classes that are being offered at the Huntsville-Madison County Library are opportunities for great exposure to art.

“They didn’t have time for literature, and poetry, and painting, and art history, and crafts and those kinds of things. And so, this gives them a chance to do it,” said West.

Arts Huntsville Marketing & Communications Manager Patrice Johnson says folks often take on two roles.

“Huntsville is really big on duality, and a lot of people really don’t realize that. You have a lot of people that are engineers by day or they may work at places that allow them to do research or development throughout the day but then at night they’re artists,” said Johnson.

“Theater is really heavy in Huntsville. You have a lot of artists that are very prominent here – a lot of musicians,” added Johnson.

The programs from Arts Huntsville even extending its reach to public education.

“They’ll kind of go in and help with some different art programs so that they’re able to have that knowledge or be able to do something that they didn’t already have in the curriculum,” said Johnson.

According to West, the awareness will continue to grow. “This community, I’ve seen it grow from nothing to this flowering in the arts.”

Learning Quest is now accepting applicants for spring courses for several more activities.

Visit Arts Huntsville for more information, and The Huntsville Museum of Art’s Museum Academy for information about more programs.

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