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Plans to build apartments in part of Jones Valley have been scrapped

After uproar from the community, GW Jones and Sons thought it was only right to shoot down this idea of apartments being built in the Lendon area of Jones Valley.

HUNTSVILLE, Ala — Those apartment buildings, eleven 3-story apartment buildings to be exact, were proposed and set to be built right off of Garth and Four-Mile Post Roads in the heart of Jones Valley.

Those plans have since taken a turn, contractor GW Jones and Sons have decided not to break ground and build those apartments.

"We just didn't feel like the community was ready for apartments in that location. Right now, we don't have any plans to develop on Garth, but in the future, we will. We just don't have anything set in stone for that," said Property Manager with GW Jones and Sons, Peter Lowe III.

On February 28 of this year, there was a Zoning Board meeting where several concerned residents were not shy about sharing their feelings on these proposed apartment buildings being built in their community.

"We heard a lot from the community. One thing that we thought was important was we want something that the community can be proud of. Our family's been developing the Jones Valley area for as long as it's been here, and that means a lot to our family. So we wanted to have something that everybody was proud of, something that's extremely nice. We think that would have been so, we just weren't quite ready to make that decision to sell it out," said Lowe.

Although that corner on Garth and Four-Mile Post Roads will remain as it is for now. GW Jones and Sons do have plans to develop more living spaces in Lendon. 

"More houses, maybe townhouses, patio homes, single-family residences. We haven't fully got the plan set in stone, but we have a lot of good things in motion right now," said Lowe. 

As well as commercial developments only a couple of roads over on Carl T. Jones and Lendon Main. 

"The commercial [developments] will be out on Carl T. Jones and Lendon Main, right next to the plastic surgery center. We have a lot of good plans. There'll be some new Huntsville restaurant concepts and a few other things that we're excited about," said Lowe. 

GW Jones and Sons; ran out of Huntsville and starting in the late 1800s, they have strong ties to the Jones Valley area, just another reason this decision was made and community reaction was taken so into consideration.

"I've grown up here. I grew up in Jones Valley. My dad took me out to the farm all the time. We love the farm. That's one of the biggest misconceptions as people thought we were ruining the farm and we took that to heart. We love it. And that the farm means so much to our family that we did not want to give it up," said Lowe. 

FOX54 reached out to the City of Huntsville for comment but we have yet to hear back. Moving forward, FOX54 will continue to stay up to date on future developments as well as community reaction.

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