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'It's important to keep your unit clean to prevent a breakdown': A local company gives tips on how to not overwork your A/C unit

Although we are not 'officially' into the summer season… We are certainly feeling the heat.

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — Air conditioner repair companies are receiving several calls a day to fix air conditioning units. 

Imagine sitting in your home on a hot day and the A/C won't turn on. This isn't unusual during this time of year according to Jeremy Ewert, the Residential Service Manager of Conditioned Air Solutions.

"This time of the year is definitely our busy season. Things pick up very quickly, very heavily. This year we've experienced a bit more of an influx than we have in the past."

But how do you know if your ac unit isn't working? first check your thermostat.

"Thermostat is set to 72, it won't achieve anything lower than 76, 77, throughout the day and then at night time it's catching back up. So that's definitely a tall tale sign that there's an issue there."

Ewert says it's important to keep your unit clean to prevent a breakdown.

This can include bleaching down the drain line once a month, but he also has some suggestions when you leave your home for vacation…

"No higher than 80 degrees. It is okay to run that up and obviously back down…There's things that a house has to have. We get above 80 you start creating issues, humidity holding in a home"

Any other time, Ewert suggests maintaining the same temperature at all times. and when it comes to a 'perfect' temperature…

"It's a personal issue, right. Your comfort is different than mine…Average is about 74 to 75 degrees. Some like it colder, some like it warmer, but staying in that 74 to 75 range is pretty typical."

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