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Local Woman plans meeting for adults with Autism

A local autistic woman is planning a meeting for adults with Autism at the Public Library February 14th.

UPDATE: The meeting is now set for February 14th at the Huntsville Public Library from 6-8p.m.

A local autistic woman is planning a meeting for adults with autism.

Holly Foshee has lived with Autism her whole life, but she wasn’t diagnosed until she was in her forties. 

“I was relieved and validated. Knowing this wasn’t my fault. I was not an unsuccessful normal person, I was a very successful Autistic person,” Foshee said. 

Foshee has made it her mission now to help other adults like her feel accepted. She has prepared a peer meeting for other adults, preferrably over the age of twenty-one, to meet at the Public Library.

“There are no resources for us. People focus so much on children or the parent of autistic children, but when the resources go away, the need still doesn’t. This will be a place where we can be ourselves and nobody is going to tell you to stop acting weird, or looking weird and you can finally relax and be yourself,” Foshee added. 

For questions about the meeting, you can reach Foshee at hollyrfoshee@gmail.com.