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Jurors recommend Life Without Parole for condemned double murderer Richard Burgin, Jr.

A man convicted of killing two brothers at a Huntsville church is now awaiting his fate.
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UPDATE: 05/10/2017 – The man who killed Anthony and Terry Jackson learned what will most likely become his final fate in life. The twelve member jury was behind closed doors for less than an hour before returning with their recommendation of punishment for the man, who they just hours earlier, convicted of Capital Murder.

The jury was lenient and spared Richard Burgin of the death penalty, but recommended to the courts he never be released from behind bars, as long as he lives.

The jurors’ recommendation was split, 8-4. The jury recommending to the courts that Burgin spend life behind bars without the possibility of parole. 

Sentencing will be set within the next 60 days.


Richard Burgin, Jr., charged with Capital Murder in the killing of two men at the West Huntsville United Methodist Church in 2013, is now awaiting his fate following his conviction on Tuesday on the charges.

The jury found Burgin responsible for the stabbing deaths of brothers, Anthony and Terry Jackson. 

Now, a jury will decide whether or not to impose the death penalty on Burgin. The State is seeking the death penalty in the case.

Police didn’t arrest Burgin until a year later, when DNA found on a red Solo cup and fingerprints on a church flyer were found near the scene matched to Burgin.

Defense attorneys had hoped to prove that there was no cross contamination of blood or DNA evidence that linked Burgin directly to the murders.

However, the jury found the prosecution “proved beyond a reasonable doubt,” that Burgin committed the slayings.