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Jobs coming to Lawrence County community

Mississippi based company, Valley Services, Inc., is relocating to Speake.

40 new jobs are coming to a county in much need of revenue.

Mississippi based company, Valley Services, Inc., is relocating to Speake.

In Lawrence Co., residents are hoping this announcement is the beginning of more jobs coming to their area.

Changes are underway at an old high school cafeteria to make way for a new Commissary opening in Lawrence County.

Valley Inc. serves meals to senior citizens and is closing its Mississippi office.

That means more jobs and revenue for North Alabama and especially the county.

“We’re really excited about that. The jobs will be up to 40. This will be one of the largest Commissaries in the state, ” said Commissioner Bobby Burch.

“We need economics in this area, ” said Kenneth Logan. Logan and his wife are longtime citizens of Speake. 

Lawrence County has been in a financial crunch over the past few years.

Local leaders say they are trying to break out of that crunch and this is a start.

“We need jobs, we need revenue and it brings good will, ” said Burch. 

Current job openings include cooks, drivers, utility and supply coordinators.

For folks living in Speake the announcement is dear to their hearts.

“This is the biggest thing we got since the school closed, ” said Logan. 

Workers are in the process of installing two more freezers and some 3,000 meals will be delivered from this facility daily.

Commissioner Bobby Burch said, “They cook, prepare and deliver all the meals for all the senior sites not only in North Alabama but it’s 11 counties that they service.”

The exact economic impact is unclear at this time, but Burch says any incoming revenue is a plus.

“That will certainly be welcomed to this area, ” said Kenneth Logan.

The town of Speake and Lawrence County will host a ribbon cutting ceremony in two weeks to welcome Valley, Inc. to North Alabama.