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Illegal drug crime rising on the dark web in North Alabama

US Attorney Jay Town says crime is being committed on the dark web in North Alabama.

Child pornography, human trafficking, illegal drugs — folks committing crime on the dark web have access to all of these and US Attorney Jay Town says it’s happening in North Alabama.

“The increasing trend of illegal narcotics activity — especially Fentanyl and prescription narcotics,” he said. “We have seen a rise in that over the last year or two. But it’s not just prescription narcotics. It’s heroin. It’s cocaine. It’s methamphetamine.”

Town says criminal activity on the dark web is becoming more and more sophisticated.

“It’s a very difficult place to navigate,” he said. “That’s why we have professionals in the Department of Justice doing just that, and they are experts in it now.”

The good news he says is that the FBI and other organizations in our intelligence community are constantly engaged on the dark web.

“We are doing everything we can to include monitoring the dark web for these illegal distributions,” said Town. “We’re not just trying to find the guy who gets the package at his front door and wants to sell it here locally. We want to find the person who sent it, and we are going after that guy and his group too.”

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