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Huntsville revisits plans to annex into Morgan County

Talks are once again on the table of Huntsville annexing into a third county.
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Talks are once again on the table of Huntsville annexing into Morgan County. 

It’s an idea that’s been around for years and specific details will be presented to Huntsville City Council members Thursday.

If all goes as planned Huntsville will be part of three counties Madison, Limestone and Morgan. 

City Councilman Bill Kling said, “It’ll enhance a lot of recreational offerings for the city of Huntsville.” 

That is the plan to create a larger scale of recreational use for the city. 

“We got this big place down here and it’s been sitting like this since I was 15 years old,” said Joe Wilbourn who lives in Madison County. 

The area lies just East of Highway 231 South in Lacey Springs. 

It’s across the Tennessee River from Ditto Landing. 

Councilman Kling said, “Dr. Wisda did basically present a plan at the City Council meeting two weeks ago that shows that there are going to be a lot of new residential development that would take place and in addition there’s some recreational offerings that’ll enhance Ditto Landing.” 

Just over 650 acres are up for discussion.

It’s owned by Dr. John Wisda, a local physician and real estate developer. 

Folks out at Ditto Landing Monday said they are for the annex and looking to the city to bring more to the Ditto Landing area. 

“I think they could build this up down here a lot nicer than what it is,” said Wilbourn. 

There are questions on if flooding would be a concern.

Councilman Kling said, “Everyone’s aware about the flooding issue so when construction does take place it’ll be built in a way to mitigate that flooding problem.” 

Exact details of the annexation proposal will be presented before Huntsville City Council members at Thursday’s meeting.