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Huntsville protesters rally to ‘Free Palestine’

"Peace cannot happen without justice and this is unjust," said Sarah Matar.
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Protests have been happening all over the world against President Trump’s decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. On Saturday that voice of protest was heard in Huntsville.

Dozens of people with the Huntsville Islamic Center, the North Alabama Peace Network, and other supporters marched at Big Spring Park. Their message: Free Palestine.

“I myself am a Palestinian American,” said Reema Matar. “My dad’s a refugee from Palestine. We are existent and we do have a voice.”

Huntsville isn’t known for its Palestinian Americans. Saturday they made themselves heard.
“Free, free Palestine!” the group chanted as they marched.

The president’s controversial move to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital was met with fear of violence from officials around the world. It’s no different here, where young people believe it’s reignited the conflict and disrupted the peace process.

“Peace cannot happen without justice and this is unjust,” said Sarah Matar. “How is there peace if the Palestinian people feel like they are being mistreated? There is no peace.”

“Now it’s just proving that Palestinians are being treated unfairly and that Jerusalem should be a place for all three monotheistic religions,” added Reema.

The young women say those who don’t know about the situation should learn and those who do know need to keep showing up.

“The youth is kind of what made this happen,” said Reema. “We are the next generation and we’re here to stay and we just want to show the Huntsville community that we are here and that if anyone has questions to ask us.”

“The more people show up to these things the more it’s gonna grow,” said Husna Ansari.

Part of their goal is to keep the momentum going. Look out for another protest in Decatur in the next few months.