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Hunting and fishing take over the VBC

Fans of the outdoors came to the VBC to check out the latest and greatest in hunting and fishing.
TN Valley Hunting & Fishing Expo 1
Guns, fishing and camo were on display during the Tennessee Valley Hunting and Fishing Expo. 
Noah Kissinger from Oneonta says, “My favorite thing so far, probably the assault rifles. Probably the grip again.”
Chris Partain from Russellville says, “The deer set ups. Taxidermist, seeing what all been mounted. How they mount ’em. Newest, you know the newest things that they got going on.”
The expo had games for kids and even stuff catching the ladies’ eyes.
Decatur outdoorswoman, Montanna Winchester, says, “My favorite part is walking around looking at the hunting and fishing equipment and the t-shirt vendors, because they’re pretty. And the trucks, because they’re nice.”
Everyone came out to see the latest and greatest in trucks, ammo and outdoor equipment. One of the highlights was checking out the newest deer stands.
Partain says, “Well I sit in one over yonder. I don’t even know the name of it. I got a brochure and all on it. It’s… it’s… I like sitting in the recliner. It’s a two-man 18 foot, just comfortable. I could sit there all day in it.”
One cool booth is the Outdoors Without Limits. They help people with a disability get outside, hunt, fish and enjoy the outdoors.
Outdoors Without Limits Founder, Kirk Thomas, says, “Well, the outdoors should be open to them. It’s a glorious place to be. You know you have so many people with disabilities that get to look out a window and imagine going. But, with the chapter starting and what we do, we can provide that opportunity.”
With this year’s expo closed, the sportsmen and women can’t wait to see what the latest and greatest will be next year.