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High friction surfaces to go on Dug Hill Road

"We're excited about trying that product on Dug Hill," said Commissioner Craig Hill. "We feel like it's the perfect application and that ...
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A fix is in sight for a Brownsboro road known to be deadly.

Madison County Commissioner Craig Hill says high friction surfaces will be installed on sections of Dug Hill Road. Officials looked into putting a guardrail on a stretch between Raintree and King Drake Roads, but decided it would be too difficult with the landscape there.

“It’s an overlay on top of the existing asphalt so the cost is minimized,” Hill explained. “We’re excited about trying that product on Dug Hill. We feel like it’s the perfect application and that product will go down this summer.”

As for the Dug Hill and US 72 intersection, possible changes are still being looked at. Commissioner Hill says he asked Department of Transportation officials about a stoplight but the DOT criteria does not warrant one.