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Do we need better mental health education?

A social work professor says there is a lack of knowledge about mental health illnesses in the community.

HUNTSVILLE, Alabama — Social Work Professor at Alabama A&M Samson Chama says there is a lack of knowledge on an illness that affects people worldwide: mental health.

"Lack of knowledge in terms of what mental health is, what it involves, the effects and impacts," Chama said.

He suggests teaching mental health in schools and universities as a great way to start learning about mental health.

For those that are not in school, he says, "Knowledge should not be restricted just to schools. It should trickle down all the way down to communities".

He would like to see communities like Huntsville hold multiple support groups that are easily accessible for all lifestyles.

Another way to be knowledgeable on the disease? Visit the National Alliance of Mental Illness website.

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