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Parents spending more time with their kids during coronavirus pandemic

The coronavirus is giving many parents a lot more quality time with their children.

FAIRFAX, Va. — This is the substitute for Ceclan McClanahan's favorite activity, playing varsity lacrosse.

McClanahan says:  "I'm on the team with guys I've known my whole life and I don't get, we don't get to play our last season together. So, it's just, it's kind of painful. It's at the worst time."

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Nearby, an eerie quiet has descended on Haycock Elementary, and the 196 public schools of Fairfax, Virginia.

It's the same for 56.6 million students across America.

Anne Miller is president of the Home Educators Association of Virginia. Her first advice is "relax."

"Officially it's a it's a temporary situation. And you are not statutorily a homeschool parent or student."

At a minimum, experts suggest providing routine and keeping minds active.

That's what Maureen Beddis is doing informally for her kids.

Beddis says: "I'm not a teacher, but I think I can keep them active and keep them learning new and different things, um, but not necessarily following, uh, the school curriculum."

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Most educators would agree that reading is paramount.

Miller says: "I have one son who didn't enjoy reading. And so I got him car magazine subscriptions, he learned history, science, physics, geography..."

Because everyone is facing this hardship due to no fault of their own, there's going to be tremendous leeway in grading.

An e-mail from one catholic school to the student body reassures them, quote:

"Your transcripts will look as strong as they would have before the shutdown."