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Parents learning how to home school

Millions of students are experiencing what no previous generation has, even in war.

An eerie quiet has descended on America's schools. 

Its all new for parents, too.

"I usually work from home. So, now everybody's in my personal office space. But that's okay. I'm glad to have them."

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"It seems to be working so far, but this is just the beginning."

But other parents are finding just how much instruction has changed since they were students.

"I don't know how to explain things very well in the way that they teach things now."

Those are just three stories. 

There are 56.6 million others for every child in U.S. schools. School closures vary by state. 

Virginia, Kansas, Oklahoma and Arizona are closed for the year, others are closed into April or may.  

As the details of distance learning are smoothed out, district by district, some issues stand out. Some students lack computers or internet. Also problematic, parents in critical industries, like healthcare, law enforcement, supply chains and grocery stores.  

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Some hospitals are setting up temporary child care facilities and many parents are turning to home education experts for help.

"Our phones are ringing off the hooks."

Home educators can provide advice to augment your school district's distance learning. Or at a minimum, they can help provide structure and suggestions to keep your child's brain active.

"You'll have a lot more time because individualized instruction takes a lot less time than a classroom model. But, this is a great opportunity for your child to learn to pursue their interests."

That's what Maureen Beddis is doing with her kids.

"I'm not a teacher, but I think, I think I can keep them active and keep them learning new and different things, um, but not necessarily following, uh, the school curriculum."

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It may not be much comfort in this anxious time, but you might find that your child functions better in an unconventional environment.

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