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Alabama Hospital Association honors those we lost to COVID pandemic with a moment of silence

The Alabama Hospital Association called all Alabamians to participate in a statewide moment of silence from wherever they were.

ALABAMA, USA — The pandemic has taken the lives of more than 12,000 people in Alabama. Many of those who have lost their lives are the exact people trying to save the lives of others: health care workers. 

These people have taken care of COVID patients for almost two years now. Unfortunately, they won't get the chance to see the end of this pandemic.

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"During the first year of the pandemic, the United States has lost over 3,600 health care workers. Alabama - we've lost 80. These are nurses, physicians, respiratory therapists, physical therapists, translators, security staff and actually what I have behind me are some of those faces," said UAB Pediatric Nephrology Division Assistant Professor Dr. Erica Bjornstad as she sat in front of a mural that's covered with the faces of deceased COVID-19 victims. 

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The Alabama Hospital Association (AHA) called for a statewide moment of silence on Tuesday, September 7. This moment of silence was held to honor those who have passed away from COVID-19, those currently fighting against the virus and the medical personnel who has worked to keep everyone safe throughout this pandemic. All Alabamians were asked to participate from wherever they were. 

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