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Millions of immunocompromised at high risk from COVID-19

We hear a lot about the dangers of seniors catching COVID-19, but we can't forget about the millions of Americans with compromised immune systems.

I'm working from home today and interviewed my sister on FaceTime about her decision to self quarantine.

This is my sister, Lawton Cummings, showing me her current living situation.

Lawty, as we call her, moved into a neighbors guest house in Austin last week to try and protect herself from COVID-19.

She is living with metastatic breast cancer and takes oral chemotherapy .

"I'm immune compromised. So, I knew I needed to be isolated before the peak," Cummings said.   

She's making the most of it. Her husband and two kids come to visit her outside, but stay 10 to 15 feet away from her.

One friend came over and they sat outside with distance between them.

Lawty can FaceTime with our mom, and she is currently working remotely.

She knows its worth it, because she cannot fight off this virus the way healthy people can. 

"It's actually a much higher risk of both becoming critical, needing a ventilator and death," Cummings said.  

Over FaceTime, this oncologist with Presbyterian St. Luke's Medical Center in Denver said he is glad patients are taking precautions.

"They need to be super cautious and take extra measurements precautionary measurements to avoid contacting any person with possible infection," Dr. Alireza Eghtedar said.

But he and my sister hope the rest of us will do what we can.

"I am fine but there's a lot of people who wont be and so we need to minimize how many people go to the hospital at once," Cummings said. 

Lawty hopes everyone will do their part. 

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