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Making weddings work during COVID-19

Some couples are getting creative, choosing to exchange vows digitally.

Atlanta couple Kenna and Travis Grenier always dreamed of the day they would say "I do."

"We had no idea this was going to happen, absolutely not!"

With coronavirus crashing weddings around the country, many couples are postponing their big day. But for some couples, the show must go on.

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"We were like, let's say our vows. And you we went over and privately said them and it was like super romantic and sweet. And almost, I don't even know if it would have been like that if we had a full ceremony."

"We did not want people to have to choose between their health and our wedding."

Florida couple Daphne and Chris Goujon got married in their living room, where a guest list of 60 people turned into 3,000 viewers.

And claps and cheers, replaced by heart emojis and digital comments.

"It was just about having our own wedding, and our own story, and something to tell our kids and our grandkids, that you know during this really bizarre time, we still did something really cool."

Washington, DC based wedding planner Tiffany Balmer says she's been accommodating the needs of all her clients, whether they want to postpone the wedding, or come up with creative ways to still have their ceremony.

"Whatever things that a wedding planner would typically do, we are still doing for these virtual weddings, we're willing to customize and do whatever we need to do. I think people are making the best of a really hard and difficult situation."

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"Tomorrow is not guaranteed, so if you want to get married, there's a way to do it."

"I think we all get so caught up in you know what our relationship looks like to others."

"You really just need a four dollar Publix cake and your significant other and some music and a box of champagne."

Looking ahead, both couples say they are holding off on their honeymoon plans until coronavirus concerns subside.