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Little Ponderosa Zoo asks for donations to feed the animals during coronavirus pandemic

The small zoo relies on donations and guest admissions to feed the animals and for other operating costs

CLINTON, Tenn. — The Little Ponderosa Zoo is asking for help.t

The small zoo in Clinton, Tennessee, said it has lost more than $25,000 since the coronavirus pandemic began.

It is closed to visitors and no longer taking animals out for visits.

The zoo said much of the food they give to the animals comes from grocery stores who are willing to help, and those donations have decreased drastically.

The zoo dealt with a devastating fire in 2017 that destroyed its main facility and killed dozens of animals, and it just does not have the resources to weather this storm.

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"With no end in sight, we are in fear for our animal's safety and wellbeing as well of the future of the Little Ponderosa Zoo," said owner James Cox.

The zoo said it will continue to post videos, virtual tours. and experiences. in the hopes of entertaining people at home.

If you want to help, the zoo is asking for monetary and food donations.

It has set up a relief fund that will go straight to feeding animals and keeping the lights on at the zoo.