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Alabama hospitals focus resources to COVID patients as hospitalizations soar

Hospital beds in Alabama have filled up as COVID cases soar and with more people sick, fewer resources are available.

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — Alabama is still the least COVID vaccinated state in the country as COVID-related hospitalizations soar.

"[We're seeing] an absolute tidal wave, once again, of patients coming to see us, who are infected with COVID, who have terrible symptoms of COVID and who are requiring treatment and hospital admission for COVID," said UAB Hospital Clinical Services Vice President Sarah Nafziger, M.D.

More people are being treated for COVID, which results in fewer medical resources for people who are sick from other illnesses.

"There are only a finite number of health care resources available in this state," said Nafziger.

Masking is one way to help and vaccination is another.

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"The health care system is not unbreakable. And I think that a lot of us have always thought that health care would always be there for us, but we're rapidly getting into a position where care for services that we take for granted is not going to be available if we don't turn this thing around," said Nafziger.

Whether to get vaccinated or not has become extremely politicized, but Nafziger says the vaccine has nothing to do with politics and everything to do with science.

"I'm not here to talk politics with you. The vaccine is not a member of a political party. COVID is not a respecter of your politics, it will infect anyone. This is not about politics. This is not about your views or biases, this is about science," said Nafziger. 

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