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Huntsville City Schools set to finalize the district's 'Reset Plan'

Huntsville City Schools plan to answer questions on health protocol at the upcoming board meeting, July 9th.

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — Leaders at Huntsville City Schools are taking the steps to make sure students return back to school safely. School is scheduled to reopen on August 17th.

Last week the Alabama State Department of Education announced schools will reopen this fall with traditional learning and some virtual options.

"What we ultimately landed on was a reset, because we truly are resetting the way in which we are learning because it's more than just reopening school buildings, it's more than just you know reworking a couple of things,' says Huntsville City Schools Chief Communications Officer, Craig Williams.

Huntsville City Schools say they are finalizing their 'Reset Plan' which already coincides with what the state is offering. Williams says the plan that was released earlier this month allows students to learn in-person, virtually, or both.

"It's more about are you going to be a virtual student or are you going to kind of be the in-person student. The in-person student may consist of that staggered schedule, it may consist of that traditional. It may consist of that virtual," added Williams.

The Alabama State Department of Education unveiled a 'Roadmap'. This guideline includes wellness, operations and facilities, and instruction and technology as factors for campus availability now and when students return.

Williams says more families are leaning to virtual learning.

"We have had one thousand families already take us up on that offer for Huntsville Virtual Academy. So that's something we're really excited to roll-out and unveil," says Williams.

The school district plans to update families on health protocols at this upcoming board meeting July 9th.

"We want families to know that we are being very careful. We are being very deliberate. We are being very intentional as we work our way through the planning process and continue to finalize the planning process," says Williams.

The state is allowing extracurricular activities and will follow the Alabama High School Athletic Association's guidance for sports. 

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