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Huntsville City Schools announces COVID-19 safety measures for athletic practices and extracurricular activities

Parents are required to sign off that they have read, understood, and agree to the measures before kids can participate in activities.

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — Sports practices and extracurricular activities can resume at Huntsville City Schools on Monday, June 8. And when they do, coaches and staff members will train students on the new safety procedures for preventing the spread of Covid-19.

Even before students show up, though, they'll need to acknowledge the other big changes they'll have to keep in mind for every activity. And parents will have to sign a letter from the superintendent, confirming they will comply.

Click here for the letter and all of the new safety measures. It's no surprise the first change is wearing a face mask. Students must have one for practice. 

I encourage you to go online to the CDC if you don't have a mask," said Andrea Penn, Huntsville City Schools Health Services Coordinator. "There are some simple masks you can make, out of even a simple t-shirt, just to ensure that everyone has one when they come on campus."

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Water bottles have always been a necessity but even more so now. Water fountains will be off limits. Lockers and locker rooms won't be available either.

School officials made a point of reminding parents that summer sports practices and extracurriculars are voluntary. So, anyone opting out will still be able to participate in the sport or extracurricular activity during the school year.

Coaches and staff members went through extensive safety training to get ready for summer conditioning. They're hoping their athletes are doing the same.

"They don't know what their players have been doing," said Scott Stapler, Huntsville City Schools Athletic Coordinator. "Hopefully, they've been doing something, but it's been at home. 

"They know they're not going to be in the kind of shape they would have been in had they been able to work out," added Stapler. "So, they want to have as much time as possible (in the summer) just to get them in physical shape, first of all, before they do anything skill-wise."

Again, these are the new safety measures that students will need to follow for summer sports and extracurricular activities. District leaders are still developing plans for students' return to school for Fall.