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Health officials encourage masks during certain fall outdoor activities

Dr. Karen Landers from the Alabama Department of Public Health shares how to be safe while having fun this fall.

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — There's nothing like enjoying the great outdoors. Heading out to a pumpkin patch, or corn maze are all fun outdoor activities to do in the fall. 

However, does that pose a risk for catching COVID-19? Should you still wear a mask?

WZDX News has answers from Assistant State Health Officer, Dr. Karen Landers, MD, Alabama Department of Public Health.

"Persons can still contract respiratory droplet virus while they're outdoors. Now, we always remind about our social distancing, our respiratory hygiene, use of the face cloth covering, again, as our non-pharmaceutical interventions," says Landers.

Landers says for some outdoor activities where no one else is around and it's just an individual or a family that is distanced from others, a mask may not be necessary.

But with certain activities masks are encouraged.

"Corn mazes may have groups of people going through. And it really would be less likely that you could maintain your social distancing, then cloth face coverings would be a really good idea," says Landers.

Posted by MidCity District on Sunday, October 11, 2020

MidCity - The Camp is one site where several fall activities, including their upcoming Halloween event, are happening.

Lindsey Pattillo Keane, over MidCity Marketing & Property Activation says safety is first.

"We always require our masks. Number one is safety here, so we could not do these events if people didn't comply with CDC guidelines," says Pattillo-Keane.

Pattillo-Keane says they've also worked to make sure folks are socially distancing. "We're taking up more space with our events so we have more room to socially distance and spread out," she added.

Landers also says for people to consider contactless ways to have fun as we head into the holidays.

"The most important measures here are for persons to make some modifications to these holidays. And while persons still want to have fun, let's take the opportunity to make some adjustments here," say Landers.

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