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Founder is encouraging community to 'Save Merrimack Hall'

Merrimack Hall founder, Debra Jenkins, and staff are encouraging more enrollment to keep the center open during the pandemic.

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — Merrimack Hall Performing Arts Center is a staple in our community. It's a creative outlet for kids and adults with special needs.

However, the center is encouraging more enrollment so they can stay open during the pandemic.

Since Merrimack Hall has closed in March, classes have gone virtual. 

"We're going to look into some virtual field trips, we do scavenger hunts, we play bingo!," says Outreach Coordinator, Jen DiCarlo.

However like many, the pandemic is putting a financial strain on Merrimack Hall.

"The big thing is just hoping to up our enrollment and have more people to join the program, to join the classes," says DiCarlo

The founder, Debra Jenkins, says resources are running dry. Merrimack Hall had to furlough part-time employees also. DiCarlo says thankfully, volunteers have stepped in.

She says the center will also help parents who are going through tough times.

"Everybody's going through different financial hardship but we want to be able to get our staff back on payroll. We want to make sure that when we're able to meet in person we have the means to do so," says DiCarlo.

She's hoping to reach folks here in Huntsville and beyond.

"As a nation we're kind of all in similar situations with like virtual schooling with this and that, so you may have somebody that you already know in Texas that could benefit from our program here in Huntsville."

Merrimack Hall will continue to stay virtual heading into September. To register, click here.

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