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Florida business changes from making apparel to making masks

A factory that used to make sports apparel, now re-purposed to help in the fight against COVID-19.

The coronavirus is forcing some businesses to close their doors for good. But one Florida business staying open.

As of last week, this company used to make sporting goods apparel, but now they use this fabric to make masks.

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Today at Fit USA Manufacturing, sewing machines are buzzing with activity.

Just last week, the Ormond Beach business was on the verge of shutting down with sporting events being cancelled across the country.

But, rather than throw in the towel, the company owner Troy Olson and their general manager realized that they could help in the battle against the coronavirus.

The fabric that helps athletes wick sweat off their bodies can also block moisture.

Olson says that, "On a spray test, we had nothing come out the other side of the fabric. So we knew we had something here that could at least provide something."

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After a few design and shape tests, the business was up and running again.

"Makes me feel good to know that we're helping the community, and... you know, at the same time, you know I'm keeping my job."

 Troy has produced more than 10,000 masks so far and that the product will help first responders stay safe.

"This is a quick and easy mask to put around someone's ears. So therefore, from now, if they cough or sneeze, it's not getting on you." 


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