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Councilman receives first dose and encourages others to get vaccinated

Huntsville Councilman Bill Kling received his first dose today alongside encouraging the community to get vaccinated.

HUNTSVILLE, Madison — District 4 City Council Member Bill Kling received his first COVID-19 vaccine, and he encourages Huntsville citizens who haven't - to take steps toward getting vaccinated.

"Got my first dosage and certainly want to encourage all people in the community who have not done it, to come on down. Because it's a very easy process and it could be a life-saving process because unfortunately we've had 500 fatalities here in Madison County due to the virus and we don't need anymore," said Kling.

For Kling personally, getting the vaccine is all about...

"Safety and security, as well as my wife, she got hers and I want to make sure both of us are still around this time next year," said Kling.

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When it comes to vaccine supply, he says things are looking up and it's becoming much easier to get an appointment.

"What I've heard and seen, the vaccines are now getting into more distribution here into the Huntsville-Madison County area and it's very easy to make an appointment," said Kling.

So, how do you make an appointment? What if you need a ride?

"You can book the appointment on the Alabama Department of Public Health website, call the city council office, we'll be glad to help arrange a ride because anyone who wants this vaccination can get it. It's free, the process is very easy down here and it could save your life," said Kling.

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Kling stepped outside after his first dose smiling under his mask and giving a thumbs up.

"I feel good about it and I'm looking forward to coming back in three weeks to get the second shot," said Kling. 

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Click here, to visit the Alabama Department of Public Health Scheduling Portal. 

To call Huntsville City Council dial: 256-427-5011