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Company won't let you work from home? You have rights.

An employment law attorney broke down the rights of workers during the coronavirus pandemic.

TAMPA, Fla. — While a lot of us are working remotely there are some that are being asked to come into the office. We've heard from many of you who worry that could increase your risk of being exposed.

10News sat down with an employment attorney to ask, what are your rights?

By having employees work from home, Attorney Terin Cremer says employers are mitigating a lot of risks, not only with the spread of COVID-19, but legally.

Cremer says lawsuits are already being filed against the cruise lines by people who say they were exposed on ships. She has no doubt this is going to affect more industries.

She says if someone can prove a company is not following federal guidelines by having gatherings of more than 10 people, that would be a clear violation and could lead to a lawsuit.

"Workers have the right to expect a safe work environment, and so that is regulated under a variety of different avenues,” Cremer said. “OSHA is one of those regulations.”

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“If an employee feels like their worksite is unsafe, which some people can make the claim right now that it is with COVID being out there, then they could make an OSHA claim.”

There's also some new hope for workers. President Trump signed an emergency coronavirus bill into law. It’s called the “Families First Coronavirus Response Act.”

It expands family and medical leave as well as guarantees paid and sick leave for certain workers.

This would apply to private entities or individuals who employ fewer than 500 employees. Cremer says it's unlike any we've ever seen before in this country.

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