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Childhood vaccination rates down during pandemic

The CDC coming out with a report. The rate of childhood vaccinations are down during the coronavirus pandemic.

ORLANDO, Fla — "I just can't imagine not taking him if he's sick or he needs his vaccination."

Some parents keeping up with their kid's routine doctors appointments, but, not all are.

The CDC reports that vaccination rates have dropped, people skipping out on well visits in an effort to keep social distance. 

"We see it in our pediatric visits, they're all down, meaning, people aren't coming into the clinic. So, it makes sense that if people aren't coming in to the clinic, they're not getting their well child visits, then children aren't getting the vaccines they need."

Orlando pediatrician doctor Candice Jones saying parents should treat their kid's vaccinations and well visit appointments as essential.

"When kids aren't coming in to get their well visits and their immunizations that is putting them at risk for vaccine preventable illnesses." 

For example, the CDC warns a measles outbreak could result. 

"We've had outbreaks in the past few years of measles in different communities across the nation that tend not to vaccinate their children. So, that is a real possibility that we could get another set of measles outbreaks when kids start to miss their immunizations."

Understandably, parents don't want to expose their kids to COVID-19.

But, Doctor Jones say parents can rest assured that pediatric offices are taking precautions.

Spacing out visits, implementing cleaning procedures, and wearing protective gear. 

Parents telling me about strict protocol during recent appointments... 

"They asked you not to touch anything besides tell 'em your name and they did all the information, they asked you everything, they wrote it down. You didn't touch anything, they asked you to stand six feet back."

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