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Black Friday shoppers in the Tennessee Valley feel 'safe' shopping in person

Some Black Friday shoppers in Decatur say they feel safe with the number of people wearing masks.

DECATUR, Ala. — Morgan County has seen a dramatic climb in coronavirus cases over the past month.

While many people there and across the country have stayed home on Black Friday, some are still out shopping but with safety in mind.

The owner of 'Shops on Second Avenue', Joey Crews, says some people are out and about. "I think that people are happy to be out and shopping. It gives you sense of normalcy," says Crews.

Crews says he and his staff are following CDC guidelines for a safe shopping experience. His store even has a sanitation station. 

"Wash your hands when you touch items, and we have soap...I wash my hands probably, every five minutes or so," added Crews.

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'The Shops' also taking extra precaution for customers during the pandemic by providing alcohol pad wipes for customers to use while they touch several items.

Vanessa Sibley, a customer, says this isn't her first trip to the store. "I came the other day and I found several things," says Sibley.

She says she appreciates how much space is in the store. "Everything is spread out and everyone has been gracious. I think it's a great place to come. Decatur is proud to have it here," says Sibley.

Other customers say they feel safe because people are wearing their masks. Crews received fifty masks as a gift when his store opened in October.

He's got some left over because most of his customers are already wearing one. 

"Everyone is wearing a mask. I feel very safe," says Elizabeth Iverson. "I feel like most stores are sanitizing, you know hand sanitizers everywhere. So, that's how I feel about it," she added.

Crews knows he's got to do his part too. "We just have to make sure we Clorox the doors and anything people touch, and everybody is wearing a masks," says Crews.